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Not Done Yet! More Showers and Storms Tonight!

Certainly not the weather we wanted, nor the records we wanted to break. But records were SMASHED yesterday after 3.15'' of rain fell.  It was the wettest Kentucky Derby since 1918 and we broke the daily record too. 

Image 2

We finally dried up early this morning (a bit late Mother Nature) but we are not completely done with the wet weather for this weekend. We are caught in the middle of two systems. The one that impacted us yesterday is to our SE and moving out. Our system for today is a cold front/low combo to our NW. It will drop SE later today, renewing our storm chance. 

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The next few hours will be dry. But as the front drops SE, a few pop up showers and storms will fire off starting around 3 pm. 
At 2

They become more likely and numerous after 5 pm. 

At 2

These will be scattered "pulse-like" storms. Similar to those in the summer. 
At 2

Showers and storms will continue until after the sun sets. 

At 5

And begin to taper off after 12 am. 
At 5

Finally, we will be dry after 2-3 am. And Monday will be a drier cooler day. 
At 5

Severe threat? 

We will have plenty of instability as seen below with CAPE, (convective available potential energy) which is a measurement of instability. This is because of warm temps in the upper 70s and low 80s and dew points in the upper 50s and low 60s, which is not a ton of moisture, but enough. We are lacking wind energy though. Ingredients are not overly impressive, but we could still see a few stronger storms with gusty winds (up to 40 mph), small hail, plenty of lightning and downpours. 
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Image 4

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