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Wrapping Up Rain Chances

You've made it! After so many days in a row of rain and storm chances, this is the end.  We have a smaller chance for storms this afternoon/tonight. 


The Storm Prediction Center has included most of our area (roughly I-65 and areas east) in a Marginal Risk of severe weather for at least the fourth day in a row.  This is the lowest category and suggests that stronger thunderstorms will be possible.  


It's most likely a line of storms will form in central Indiana and move south. After several days of rain and storms, we don't have quite as much energy to support storms as we did several days ago.


By the time this "line" gets here, it will start to break up.  Many of you won't see rain/storms today, but the chance does exist.  If you are in southern Indiana, you have a better chance to see rain/storms.  By the time this gets into Kentucky, there won't be much left of it, but new storms could fire along outflow boundaries in central Kentucky. 


Marc and Rick will be here through the evening with you to track any storms that do move in.  You can also follow me on social media using the links below to get updates on any severe weather.

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-Hannah Strong



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