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April 29, 2011

Nothing Less Than Remarkable StormView 3D Images of Tuscaloosa Tornado!

If you been watching us this storm season, you may have noticed we added StormView 3D to our toolbox in the Fox41 Weather Center. It is a remarkable piece of equipment that indicates rotation and tornado potential greater than any other tool I have ever seen in my life. The images StormView 3D captured of the Alabama tornadoes are truly incredible. Have a look...


This is StormView 3D showing rotation within this storm. Notice the massive tornado rotation going all the way to 30,000 feet and extending right down and touching the ground just east of Tuscaloosa!


3D Severe 


3D Severe 2 


3D Severe 3 


Here is an image that shows the actual tornado reaching down and touching the ground. You can actually see the 1 mile wide tube. At this point StormView 3D indicated a staggering a 215 mph rotation area just 2950 feet off the ground.


3D Severe 4 


You can actually see the debris that was picked up as the tornado sadly did so much damage to Tuscaloosa, AL.




This monster shot about 60,000 to 65,000 feet into the atmosphere. That is about 12 miles into the atmosphere.


3D Severe 5 


The death toll is at 297 as of 7 am today. Please keep the people of the south and southeast in your thoughts as a huge task lies ahead for our neighbors just 2 states away.



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