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May 31, 2011

The Biggest Question I Have Been Asked... Will It Be A Hot Or Cooler Summer?

Everyone on my facebook page seems to be asking the same questions...


Will It Be A Hot Summer? Cool Summer? Wet Summer? Dry Summer?


The Climate Prediction Center has put their seasonal forecast out for the meteorological summer of June, July, and August. Their precipitation forecast is for near normal precipition and the temperature forecast is for us to have a cooler than normal summer. In fact they are forecasting a 40% chance of a cooler than normal summer for I-65 west and 33% chance for I-65 and east.


Seasonal Temperature Outlook 


As is commonly the case with many other forecasts, I don't totally agree with this forecast from the CPC. I think with weak El Nino/La Nina event having little impact on our weather and many other marginal signals, I feel there are some features in the US that will have a bigger impact on whether or not we are hotter than normal this summer. Tomorrow, I will give my thoughts on whether I think it will be a hotter or cooler than normal summer.



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Hopefully, it will not be as hot as last summer. Highs in the low to mid 80's would be perfect---normal is nice :)

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